10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Kids

There are plenty of dog breeds to choose from, if you think about it becomes a furry member of your family. The decision, what kind of dog to get more complicated when your children at home, you'll want to keep them safe and ensure that your dog be part of a family. Many dogs from working with children, but here we have compiled a list of 10 breeds known to be good with children.

1) Gold retrieve dogs.
The breed is known as friendly, intelligent and loyal. They never shy or aggressive, making them an ideal compromise for children. Gold retrieve dogs love to play what is good, because a significant proportion of energy needs.

2) Labrador Retriever.
They are playful and a little more than retrieve dogs gold, but they are protective, patient and reliable. Labs are very intelligent and patient, as retrieve dogs gold. There is little difference between the two retrieve dogs, but it is for your family, what will work best.

3) Poodle.
The amount of removed family dog ​​often does something to consider before adopting a dog. Do you want a dog that shed very little light, the poodle is perfect for you. We need regular grooming. Poodles are very intelligent and gentle.

4) Innovative Irish.
These dogs are considered "dog people." They are ideal for active children because of their high energy level and playful behavior.

5) Vizsla.
Not many people have heard of Vizslas, but they are actually breeding a great dog for children. They are light, preferably a loyal, loving and peaceful environment for children who are easily scared. Vizslas also the ability to be obedient, confident and intelligent.

6) Newfoundland.
This is a very large breed dog, but they love children and are protective of them. It is gentle, kind and patient. Newfoundlanders are ideal for children who want the best friend to cuddle.

7) Collie.
Collies is a friendly, reliable and easy to train. Although they are bred for herding, they get along great with children.

8) Bull Terrier.
The Bull Terrier is very playful and affectionate. They are bred as companion dogs for all ages and will protect their owners anyway.

9) Beagle.
The breed is active, intelligent and cheerful. They come together with other people and other pets. They are known as Barker, but can be changed by a number of programs.

10) Bulldog.
It may seem strange advice, but bull-dogs have a robust construction is ideal for children to play a little rough. They are comfortable, no matter where they are, but they do not have as much energy as mentioned other dogs.

That's it, 10 large breeds are good with children! So how do you choose? You have to figure out what breed best fits your lifestyle. You have to do much research beforehand so you know what to expect. Note that puppies "appear" as the easiest for children to adjust their size, but in general the best choice when it comes to children, they tend to be slightly more highly stressed.